The Floppening

What is the Floppening?

It's the real flippening: Bitcoin overtaking gold, fiat money and becoming a world currency. Read more

Metric Bitcoin Gold Floppening
Market cap ($) $101.6 billion $7.5 trillion
Trading Volume (24h) $6.2 billion $146.4 billion
Google Trends 4 14
Annualized Sharpe Ratio 1.0 0.5
Annualized Volatility 101.8% 9.1%
Monetary Inflation 4.3% 1.7%

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Market Cap

Bitcoin VS Gold

One more thing

Are you a Bitcoin maximalist?

Me too. But I didn't find a Bitcoin-maximalists-only Telegram group out there. And the signal/noise ratio of all of the others groups I was in was too low. So I've created this.

No bullshit

No shitcoiners, no ICO shilling, no technical analysis, no pro-BCH discussions, no bullshit. We've had enough.

But muh echo chambers muh censorship


Sounds good to me

And what's best, no babies died during the building of this site.

The group is now open and will be invite-only soon.

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